Twin Cities Civil War Roundtable

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Ancestors in the War

Ancestors in the War

Some of our members have ancestors who fought in the American Civil War.  For many, they are fortunate to have found documentation which provides a glimpse into what these soldiers’ lives were like.  The battles fought, the diseases, the long marches - these were all part of a soldier’s life.  Click on any of our members’ names to read their story. If you are interested in contributing a story about your ancestors' part in the war, please contact Julie Williams at

Ken Flies – 10th Minnesota Volunteers, Company C; 2nd and 21st Connecticut Infantry Regiments

Joyce Hinderks – 2nd Iowa

John Hoeschler – 6th Minnesota, 29th and 39th Wisconsin

Dave Hoplin8th Iowa Regiment, Company C

James Johnson 4th Minnesota

Nancy Johnson Co. C, 2nd Regiment of Minnesota Cavalry Volunteers; 2nd Company of Minnesota Sharpshooters; Co. G, First Minnesota Volunteers

James R. Kolcinski – 25th Wisconsin

Rod Myers – 115th Illinois

Stephen Osman – 15th, 26th, 53rd and 104th Illinois and 21st and 74th Pennsylvania

Lorraine Rybak-Mesken – 32nd Illinois

Charlotte Shover – 1st Excelsior and 70th and 86th New York

Glen G. Urquhart – 43rd Wisconsin

Carol VanOrnum - Roswell Battalion, 7th Georgia, Catham County Artillery, Cobb County Artillery

Bob Wicklem – 4th Minnesota