Ancestors In The War

Some of our members have ancestors who fought in the American Civil War.  For many, they are fortunate to have found documentation which provides a glimpse into what these soldiers’ lives were like.  The battles fought, the diseases, the long marches – these were all part of a soldier’s life.  Click on any of our members’ names to read their story. If you are interested in contributing a story about your ancestors’ part in the war, please contact Julie Williams at

Ken Flies – 10th Minnesota Volunteers, Company C; 2nd and 21st Connecticut Infantry Regiments

Joyce Hinderks – 2nd Iowa

John Hoeschler – 6th Minnesota, 29th and 39th Wisconsin

Dave Hoplin8th Iowa Regiment, Company C

James Johnson 4th Minnesota

Nancy Johnson Co. C, 2nd Regiment of Minnesota Cavalry Volunteers; 2nd Company of Minnesota Sharpshooters; Co. G, First Minnesota Volunteers

James R. Kolcinski – 25th Wisconsin

Rod Myers – 115th Illinois

Stephen Osman – 15th, 26th, 53rd and 104th Illinois and 21st and 74th Pennsylvania

Lorraine Rybak-Mesken – 32nd Illinois

Charlotte Shover – 1st Excelsior and 70th and 86th New York

Glen G. Urquhart – 43rd Wisconsin

Carol VanOrnum – Roswell Battalion, 7th Georgia, Catham County Artillery, Cobb County Artillery

Bob Wicklem – 4th Minnesota

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