Minnesota in the Civil War Major Civil War Exhibit Planned for Minnesota Military Museum at Camp Ripley

Your help is needed!
Minnesota Military MuseumThe Minnesota Military Museum, established in 1977, vividly interprets the experiences of our state’s military men and women.  Indoor and outdoor exhibits depict the stories and contributions of Minnesotans who served in all branches of service, in peace and war, from Minnesota’s early days through both World Wars and the many recent worldwide deployments.  Extensive outdoor and indoor displays include tanks, helicopters, jeeps and artillery pieces.  The extensive firearms collection includes many fine examples of 20th century military weapons.   A current special exhibit commemorates Minnesota’s own 34th Infantry Division.

A Minnesota in the Civil War exhibit opens in June 2011 in a newly built gallery.  Minnesota was the first state to offer troops to defend the Union and then fought its own civil war in 1862 against Dakota Indians. The ambitious new exhibit will feature rare artifacts and photos, several fully equipped mannequins, and exciting interactive computer programs to engage students in Civil War history.  It will commemorate the heroic role played by Minnesotans of all ages, races and genders in what many consider the most significant events in the state’s entire history.

Your help is needed in identifying funding sources for the new exhibit.  Museum Board Member Stephen Osman and Curator Doug Bekke are looking for corporate and business contacts to help fund the display cases and mannequins for this important and timely exhibit. 

Please contact them by email (Stephen or Doug) or phone (612 823-4009 or 612 729-7651) for more information and keep up to date on exhibit progress.

To donate to the project, please visit their page at GiveMN.org:  Minnesota in the Civil War

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