Ancestors in the Civil War

Amazing Stories of Relatives in the Civil War

Civil War Ancestors

Some of our members have ancestors who participated in the American Civil War and have found documentation about the experience of those individuals. Click on any of our members’ names to read their story. If you are interested in contributing a story about your ancestors’ part in the war, please contact Carol VanOrnum at

Ken Flies

Brothers James and Zelotus Foster came to Highland Township Wabasha County Minnesota from Cassewego, Crawford County, Pennsylvania
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Joyce Hinderks

August Lange, my paternal great grandfather was born in 1834 in Prussia, Germany. In 1858 he came to America and settled in southeast Iowa. He enlisted in
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John Hoeschler

I have three ancestors who served in the Civil War. Jacob John Hoescheler was my great grandfather. He was born in Austria in 1841 and came to this
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Will Williams

Augustus (Gus) H. Williams enlisted in St. Paul June 17, 1861, and was mustered out of service in Chattanooga July 4,1864, at the end of his enlistment.
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James Johnson

My great-grandfather, William Knaeble, served in Company B of the 4th Minnesota Infantry. He originally signed up as a member of the 1st Minnesota. The
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Nancy Johnson

Samual White Baker – Co. C, 2nd Regiment of Minnesota Cavalry Volunteers was my great grandfather, Samual was born in 1845 in Ohio. He died on June 8
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James R. Kolcinski

My maternal grandfather, Walter D. Bell, served as a member of Company F in the 25th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and saw action in the Vicksburg, Atlanta and Savannah campaigns.

Rod Myers

My great grandfather, Valentine Myers, served in the Civil War with Company H, 115th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He emigrated from Germany in 1858, settling in
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Stephen Osman

I have six ancestors who fought in the Civil War: Austin Osman (1842-1903), my great, great grandfather, was the guidon bearer of Company A (cavalry) of
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Lorraine Rybak-Mesken

My great grandfather, William Lee Palmer, was from Illinois. He was a corporal in Company F of the 32nd Illinois Infantry. He was in the battle of Shiloh with Black
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Charlotte Shover

My great grandfather, Augustus Roland Temme (1840-1912) came from Prussia in 1845. On April 20, 1861, at the age of 20, he enlisted in the Friend Rifle Guards, the
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Glen G. Urquhart

My great grandfather, John L. Harvey, was a private for Company J of the 43rd Wisconsin Infantry. He enlisted on September 20, 1864, and was
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Carol VanOrnum

My great, great grandfather, Barrington King, and his father, Roswell King, established the town of Roswell, Georgia, and built a mill alongside Vickery
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Bob Wicklem

My Great Grandfather was Peter Daniel Anderson. He was a Swedish immigrant living and farming in Carver County with his wife, Caroline, and two
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Rich Miller

Mustered in April 29, 1861 to Company F, First Minnesota Infantry, at Red Wing, MN. Mustered out Dec. 28, 1863 after a prisoner exchange to
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