Ancestors in the Civil War

Stephen Osman

Austin Osman – 53rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company A

Austin Osman (1842-1903), my great, great grandfather, was the guidon bearer of Company A (cavalry) of the 53rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry, also known as Ford’s Independent Cavalry. The unit served for a time as bodyguard for Generals Halleck and Grant in the Corinth area. Later it was consolidated as Company L, 15th Illinoi Volunteer Cavalry. He served from December 27, 1861, to January 9, 1865, was shot off his horse in a skirmish at Tuscumbia, Alabama, and was active in the Morris, Illinois GAR in his later years. My son is named for Austin and his brother, Thomas.

Henry Vey – 21st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company I

Henry Vey (1838-1894), my great, great grandfather, served from April 21 through August 8, 1861, with Company I, 21st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (a 3 month unit.) From August 12, 1861, through September 16, 1864, he served with Company A, 74th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry acting as a hospital attendant part of the time. And from March 21, 1865, through March 21, 1866, he served in Company B, 3rd U.S. Veteran Volunteers, part of Hancock’s Veterans Corps. His company was issued Henry rifles which they retained on muster out. He was a resident of Ottawa, Illinois, in his later years.

William A. Kain – 104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company E

William A. Kain (1841-1863), my great, great uncle, served from August 13, 1862, to November 25, 1863, in Company E, 104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was killed in action at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee. William was butcher for his brigade. He shot left handed and killed a troublesome rebel sharpshooter just before he himself was killed.

Thomas Osman – Ford’s Cavalry

Thomas Osman (1844-1862), my great, great uncle, was Austin Osman’s 18-year-old kid brother. He joined Ford’s Cavalry on February 21, 1862, but died of measles at Camp Douglas, Illinois just five weeks later.

Jacob L. Kain – 26th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company E

Jacob L. Kain (1835-?), my great, great uncle and William’s older brother, served from October 13, 1861, through September 16, 1862, in Company E, 26th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He was discharged for disability and resided in Missouri in later years.

George Vey – 74th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company A

George Vey (1829-1888), my great, great uncle, served from December 1, 1861, through March 11, 1864, with his brother, Henry, in Company A, 74th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. He was discharged for disability (frozen feet and chronic diarrhea) and later resided in Princeton, Illinois.